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A little about us

Welcome to LWSS Origami & Crafts – a creative haven where the delicate art of origami meets the boundless world of crafts. Our journey began on the vibrant canvas of YouTube when Sky, inspired by the beauty of folding paper into intricate shapes, crafted an origami heart from a simple note. Little did she know that this small act of creativity would lay the foundation for LWSS Origami & Crafts.

Sky's passion soon attracted the artistic spirit of Ski, and together, they embarked on a journey of exploration and creation. The YouTube channel became a virtual workshop, where they shared their love for origami and crafts with the world. The response was overwhelming, and the community began to grow organically.

As the demand for more tutorials, patterns, and inspiration soared, the idea of LWSS Origami & Crafts as a dedicated online platform took shape. In 2024, our website was born, becoming a hub for enthusiasts of all skill levels to learn, share, and discover the joy of crafting.

Thank you

Sky & Ski